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Student Dismissal Made Safe and Simple

iDismiss is a teacher made application to help schools manage their dismissal.

Walking to the Bus

Student dismissal made safe and simple

Manage student dismissal from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Why iDismiss?

Easy Access

Teachers open the app on their phones, tablets or laptops and begin to use.

Filter Students

Teachers can apply a filter to view only their roster during dismissal.

One Price

$199.00 for the school year. Affordable to everyone. Unlimited amount of students to process.

Meet your needs

The app adapts to your campus needs and dismissal style.

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The flow of our schoolwide dismissal is seamless from students leaving their classrooms, exiting the building, and entering their parent's vehicle.

Jarvisburg Elementary

Richland Elementary

iDismiss has revolutionized our dismissal! We will not go without a dismissal app ever again. We can safely dismiss 400 students at 5 different locations in about 15 minutes. It's amazing!

Austin Elementary

(888) 895-9242

Contact Us Toll Free

Voice & Text Messaging

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Dallas, TX 75379

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